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Choose the Correct Option from Given Alternative: a Real Image is Formed by the Light Rays After Reflection Or Refraction When They: (A) Actually Meet Or Intersect with Each Other. - Science



Choose the correct option from given alternative:
A real image is formed by the light rays after reflection or refraction when they:
(A) actually meet or intersect with each other.
(B) actually converge at a point
(C) appear to meet when they are produced in the backward direction.
(D) appear to diverge from a point.
Which of the above statements are correct?


  • (A) and (D)

  • (B) and (D)

  • (A) and (B)

  • (B) and (C)


A real image is formed when light rays actually meet or intersect at a point after reflection or refraction.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A) and (B).

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