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Choose the Correct Alternative Answer for the Following Question. the Curved Surface Area of a Cylinder is 440 Cm 2 and Its Radius is 5 Cm. Find Its Height. - Geometry


Choose the correct alternative answer for the following question.

The curved surface area of a cylinder is 440 cm 2 and its radius is 5 cm. Find its height.


  •  \[\frac{44}{\pi}\] cm  

  • 22 \[\pi\] CM 

  •  44 \[\pi\] CM 

  • \[\frac{22}{\pi}\] cm 

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The radius of the cylinder, r = 5 cm
Let the height of the cylinder be h cm. 
Curved surface area of the cylinder = 440 cm2

\[\therefore 2\pi  h = 440\]
\[ \Rightarrow h = \frac{440}{2\pi r}\]
\[ \Rightarrow h = \frac{440}{2\pi \times 5} = \frac{44}{\pi} cm\]

Thus, the height of the cylinder is \[\frac{44}{\pi}\]cm. 

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Balbharati Mathematics 2 Geometry 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 7 Mensuration
Practice set 7.4 | Q 1.5 | Page 160
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