Choose the Best Option that Correctly Classifies the Four Sentences as a : - Logical Reasoning


Choose the best option that correctly classifies the four sentences as a :

F: Fact: if it relates to a known matter of direct observation, or an existing reality or something known to be true
J: Judgment: If it is an opinion or estimate or anticipation of common sense or intention.
I: Inference: If it is a logical conclusion or deduction about something based on the knowledge of facts.

A. The Cabinet minister definitely took the wrong step in giving the government contract.

B. Under the circumstances, he had many other alternatives.

C. The Prime Minister is embarrassed due to the minister's decision.

D. If he has put the government in jeopardy, the minister must resign.


  • JFFI

  • IFJI

  • FFJI

  • IFIJ




Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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2014-2015 (May) Set 1


Friendship was indeed a value for the villagers, more for men than for women. Two good friends were said to be 'like brothers' (literally, like elder brother-younger brother, annatammandirahage). I heard this expression several times and I could not help recalling the statement of an elderly English colleague who had told me that he and his brother were very close and had written to each other every week. He had added, We are very good friends. That is friends, connoted intimacy in England while in Rampura (as in rural India everywhere), brotherhood conveyed intimacy'.

Which of the following best summarises the conclusion of the argument of this paragraph?

‘A language is most easily leant when it is in tune with the social context. To teach an Indian child in English at the primary stage ... strengthens distinctions of class and status and warps the mind. Failure to resort to regional languages in literacy campaigns also hampers their success'.

Which of the following claims, if true, would weaken the argument in the passage above?

`India is the only country in the world where, in the States which are governed by the Communist party, human rights are fully respected -- and that is only because the Bill of Rights is firmly entrenched in our national Constitution. We can proudly say that our Constitution gave us a flying start and equipped us adequately to meet the challenges of the future.'

Which of the following conclusions is not implied by the passage above?

Read the following passage and answer the question that follows:

We are bombarded with misguided advertisements that give advice on healthy-eating, and this has had the effect of making food seem hugely complicated. People are demoralized because they are trying to follow this advice, yet they are getting fatter and fatter. For lots of people, food has become a minefield of dos and don’ts and a relaxed appreciation of the pleasures of eating has got a bit lost along the way. In fact, eating well is simple when you apply a few fundamental principles.

Neha, a dietician by profession, reads this article and decides to revamp her offerings based on it. Which of the following will be in line with the argument presented in the passage?

Direction : Read the following passage and answer the question that follows:

A minimalist understanding of architectural elements and accents ensued in deeply contemplative as well as immaculate design frames that spoke about the enchantment of jute, yarn and cotton thread in the solo of Purvai Rai painting at Art Alive exhibition. Purvai’s compositions contained the power of devotion in design in the sequence of threading and arranging jute, yarn and cotton threads that had echoes of inner roots. The action of creating and expressing both have a ritualistic focus. “Design for me is born out of imagination and quiet discipline, I have always had an interest in the chakra,” she explains. “I feel the language of Indian design came from ancient design traditions. So I play with subtle abstraction continuously created around textile-related conversations. I explore colour, texture, pattern, and aspects of ‘textile language’, and keep an eye also on knotting. I use jute, yarn and cotton because it speaks of indigenous practices that go back into history.”

Which one of the following is not consistent with the artist’s composition of Purvai Rai? 

Select the correct alternative from the given choices.
There are four executives A, B, C and D each working in a different organization amongst Microsoft, Oracle, Infosys, and IBM, not necessarily in the same order. Each of them gives three replies to any question asked, which are alternately true or false, in any order. When asked to mention the name of the executive and the organization that he works for, they gave the following replies:
A: C works with Microsoft.
D works with IBM.
B works with Infosys.

B: A works with IBM.
C works with Infosys.
D works with Oracle.

C: D works with Microsoft.
B works with Oracle.
A works with Infosys.

D: B is not working with Infosys.
A is working with IBM.
C is not working with Microsoft.

A definite arrangement can be obtained from the above information. Answer the questions based on the above data.
Who among the following works with Microsoft?

In the question a statement is given followed by two arguments numbered I and II. Mark the answer as:
Statement: Should mass media be fully controlled by the government?
Argument I: Yes, a variety of news only confuse people.
Argument II: No, controlled news loses credibility.

In the question a statement is given followed by two arguments numbered I and II. Mark the answer as:
Statement: Should there be women chief ministers in states?
Argument I: Yes, only then will the plight of women be removed and their conditions will improve.
Argument II: No: a woman is not capable of ruling a state.

The passage below is followed by a question based on it. Read the passage choose the best answer to the question.
Beautiful beaches attract people, no doubt about it. Just look at Goa's beautiful beaches, which are among the most overcrowded beaches in the country. Which of the following exhibits a pattern of reasoning most similar to the one exhibited in the argument above?

The passage below is followed by a question based on it. Read the passage choose the best answer to the question.
Our school district should not spend its money on the new remedial English reading program. After all, our students get all the reading practice they need by studying history and science. The argument above depends on which the following assumptions?

The question below contains a Statement and two Arguments I and II. Assume the statement to be true, choose the Argument which is strong using the Code below.

Statement: Should the political parties be banned?

I. Yes. It is necessary to teach a lesson to the politicians.
II. No. It will lead to an end of democracy.

In this question and two arguments are given. Arguments in relation to the question are either weak or strong, use this key to give your responses.

Question: Should the system of reservation of posts for scheduled castes be introduced in private sector?

Argument I: Yes, this would give more opportunity of development to these groups.
Argument II: No, this would affect merit.

Read the given argument or statement carefully, making any factual assumptions necessary. Then choose the best answer out of the four choices to the question asked. Note that not all the facts given will be relevant for determining the answer.

‘China has a higher literacy rate than India. This is due to the greater efficiency of the Communist system. Efficiency is sorely lacking in India’s democratic system. Therefore, democracy is the biggest obstacle to India’s achieving 100% literacy.’
Which of the following, if true, would directly undermine the above argument?

‘Soft drinks have been shown by scientists to be bad for the teeth. Therefore, the government would be justified in banning all soft drinks from the Indian market. Assuming that the factual claim in the above argument is true, what else needs to be assumed for the conclusion to follow?

It takes a good telescope to see the moons of Neptune. I  can’t see the moons of Neptune with my telescope.  Therefore, I do not have a good telescope. 

The question consists of five statements (a-e) followed by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order. Choose the option which indicates a valid argument; that is, where the third statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements.

a. Law graduates are in great demand.   
b. Rajesh and Krishna are in great demand.   
c. Rajesh is in great demand.   
d. Krishna is in great demand.   
e. Rajesh and Krishna are law graduates   
Choose the correct option

Rahul: One would have to be blind to the reality of moral obligation to deny that people who believe a course of action to be morally obligatory for them have both the right and the duty to pursue that action, and that no one else has any right to stop them from doing so.   
Richa: But imagine an artist who feels morally obliged to do whatever she can to prevent works of art from being destroyed confronting a morally committed antipornography demonstrator engaged in destroying artworks he deems pornographic. According to your principle, the artist has, simultaneously, both the right and duty to stop the destruction and no right whatsoever to stop it. 
Which of the following, if substituted for the scenario invoked by Richa, would preserve the force of her argument?

Between 1951 and 1963, it was illegal in the country of  Geronia to manufacture, sell, or transport any alcoholic beverages. Despite this prohibition, however, the death rate from diseases related to excessive alcohol consumption was higher during the first five years of the period than it was during the five years prior to 1951. Therefore, the attempt to prevent alcohol use merely made people want and use alcohol more than they would have if it had not been forbidden.  Each of the following, it true, weakens the argument EXCEPT:

Unless they are used as strictly temporary measures, rent control ordinances (municipal regulations placing limits on rent increase) have several negative effects for renters. One of these is that the controls will bring about a shortage of rental units. This disadvantage for renters occurs over the long run, but the advantage-smaller rent increases - occurs immediately. In many municipalities, especially in all those where tenants of rent-control units have a secure hold on political power and can get rent-control ordinances enacted or repealed, it is invariably the desire for short-term gain that guides those tenants in the exercise of that power.   
If the statements above are true, which one of the following can be properly inferred from them? 

Health insurance insulates patients from the expense of medical care, giving doctors almost complete discretion in deciding the course of most medical treatments. Moreover,  with doctors being paid for each procedure performed, they have an incentive to over-treat patients. It is thus clear that medical procedures administered by doctors are frequently prescribed only because these procedures lead to financial rewards.   
The argument uses which one of the following questionable techniques?


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