Choose the Appropriate Alternative: the Book Titled 'God Save the Honourable Supreme Court‘ Was Authored By: - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Choose the appropriate alternative:
The book titled 'God Save the Honourable Supreme Court‘ was authored by:


  • Soli Sorabjee

  • Fali S. Nariman

  • K.K. Venugopal

  • Justice Katju



Fali S. Nariman
The book titled ‘God Save the Honourable Supreme Court’ was authored by FaliSam Nariman. He is a distinguished Indian Constitutional jurist and senior advocate to the Supreme Court of India since 1971 and has remained the President of the Bar Association of India since 1991.

Concept: Static General Knowledge (Entrance Exam)
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2018-2019 (May) Set 1


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