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Choose Extracts from the Story that Illustrate the Character of the People Listed in the Table Given Below. There Are Some Words Given to Help You. You May Add Words of Your Own. One Has Been Done - English Core

Answer in Brief

Choose extracts from the story that illustrate the character of the people listed in
the table given below. There are some words given to help you. You may add
words of your own. One has been done as an example:

vain jealous competitive shrewd manipulative stingy materialistic spiteful

Character Extract from the story  What this tells
us about the

Mrs. Packletide

(i) The compelling motive for her sudden  deviation towards the footsteps of Nimrod was the fact that Loona Bimberton had recently been carried eleven miles in an aeroplane by an Algerian aviator, and talked of nothing else; only a personally procured tiger-skin and a heavy harvest of Press photographs could successfully counter that sort of thing Competitive
(ii)  Mrs. Packletide had offered a thousand  rupees for the opportunity of shooting a
tiger without over-much risk or exertion,
(iii) Mrs. Packletide faced the cameras with a light heart, and her pictured fame
reached from the pages of the Texas
Weekly Snapshot to the illustrated
Monday supplement of the
Novoe Vremya.
Louisa Mebbin (i) "If it's an old tiger I think you ought to get it cheaper. A thousand rupees is a lot of money."   
(ii) Louisa Mebbin adopted a protective elder-sister attitude towards money in
general, irrespective of nationality or
(iii) "How amused every one would be if they knew what really happened," said
Louisa Mebbin a few days after the ball.
(iv) Louisa Mebbin's pretty week-end cottage, christened by her "Les Fauves,"
and gay in summer-time with its garden
borders of tiger-lilies, is the wonder and
admiration of her friends
Loona Bimberton (i) As for Loona Bimberton, she refused to look at an illustrated paper for weeks,
and her letter of thanks for the gift of a
tiger-claw brooch was a model of
repressed emotions
(ii) There are limits beyond which repressed emotions become dangerous.  
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Mrs. Packletide
(i) Competitive
(ii) Shrewd
(iii) Proud

Louisa Mebbin 
(i) Materialistic
(ii) Greedy
(iii) Humorous
(iv) Satirical

Loona Bimberton    
(i) Spiteful
(ii) Jealous

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 2 Mrs. Packletide's Tiger
Q 6 | Page 17
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