Solution - Chemicals in Food - Artificial Sweetening Agents and Food Preservatives



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Seeing the growing cases of diabetes and depression among young children, Mr Lugani, the principal of one reputed school, organised a seminar in which he invites parents and principals. They all resolved this issue by strictly banning junk food in schools and introducing healthy snacks and drinks like soup, lassi, milk etc. in school canteens. They also decided to make compulsory half an hour of daily physical activities for the students in the health survey in most of the school and discovered a tremendous improvement in the health of the students

After reading the above passage, answer the following questions:

(i) What are the values (at least two) displayed by Mr Lugani?

(ii) As a student, how can you spread awareness about this issue?

(iii) What are antidepressant drugs? Give an example.

(iv) Name the sweetening agent used in the preparation of sweets for a diabetic patient.


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