Solution - Challenges to Bipolarity



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What is the relevance of the Non-aligned Movement after the end of Cold War? Explain.


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Name any two foreign leaders, along with the countries they belonged to, who are recognized as the founders of the Non-aligned Movement.

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What was the main objective of the New International Economic Order?

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"Non-alignment does not imply neutrality or equidistance." What does this statement mean?

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Read the given passage carefully and answer the following questions:

Non-alignment as a strategy evolved in the Cold War context.... with the disintegration of USSR and the end of Cold War in 1991, non-alignment, both, as an international movement and as the core of India's foreign policy, lost some of its earlier relevance and effectiveness.

  1. Why did India adopt non-alignment?
  2. Explain any two reasons for the loss of its relevance by the Nan Aligned Movement
  3. How far do you agree that the Non-Aligned Movement has become an international movement?
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‘Non-aligned Movement (NAM) has becomNon-aligned Movement (NAM) has become irrelevant today.’ De irrelevant today.’ Do you agree with the statement? Support your answer with any three suitable arguments.

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Solution for concept: Challenges to Bipolarity. For the courses 12th CBSE (Arts), 12th CBSE (Commerce), 12th CBSE (Science)