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Cause Ways and Road Ways on this Ways Transportation Done - Geography

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Study the extract of the Survey of India Map sheet No. 45D/10 and answer the following questions:

(a) (i) Give the six-figure grid reference for the temple that is located to the south west of Pithapura settlement.  (1)

    (ii)  Give the four-figure grid reference for a settlement where people of the region meet socially and for trade at least once in year. (1)

(b) (i) What is the pattern of drainage seen in the grid square 2118? (1)

     (ii) What is the pattern of settlement seen in the grid square 1923?(1)

(c)  What do each of the two numbers (281 printed in black colour and 20 printed in red colour) in the grid square 1818 indicate? (2)

(d) (i) Name any two man-made features in grid square 2419. (1)

     (ii) Name any two natural features in grid square 2118. (1)

(e) What is the significance of the following? 

    (i) Fire line in grid square 2417. (1)

    (ii) Water body found in grid square 2221. (1)

(f) Calculate the area of the region between 16 and 19 Eastings and 18 and 22 Northings. Give your answer in kilometre square. (2)

(g)  Give a reason for each of the following: 

     (i) The water in some of the wells in the north west quarter of the map is not fit for drinking. (1)

    (ii) The region near Anadra and Gulabgani has many causeways. (1)

(h) (i) What is the main means of irrigation used by people living in the area shown on the map? (1)

     (ii) What is the main occupation of the people of the region shown on the map? (1)

(i) Which according to you is the most important settlement?  Give a reason to support your answer. (2)

(j) Name any two means of transport used by the people living in the area shown on the map extract. (2)

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(a) (i) 207223 

     (ii) 1520 

(b) (i) Water tank perennial 

      (ii) Scattered settlement 

(c) 281 printed in black indicate spot hight 20 printed in red colour indicate milstone 20 along the metalled road. 

(d) (i) Cart-track, settlement 

      (ii) Dry tanks, trees, contours 

(e) (i) Fire line means a clearing or a gap or an empty space that runs through a forest area. It is often also a strench which is filled with water or sand this is done to stop the spread of fire in the forest. 

     (ii) Simpunadi 

(f) Area of region between 16 and 19 

    Eastings → 161.6459 km 

    Area of region between 18 and 22 

    Northings  → 215.5259 km 

(g) (i) Some wells are dry and some wells unlined well. 

     (ii)  Presence of many causeveys shows that the area get seasonal or scanty rain fall  during dry seasonal people make habit crossing it. 

(h) (i) Seasonal river, dry tanks 

      (ii) Map showing more cultivable area so farming is main occupation of people. 

(i) Anadra, gulabganj, Sirori are most important settlement connected by metalled road having post office, police station connected to it. 

(j) Cause ways and road ways on this ways transportation done 

Concept: Concept of Interpretation of Topographical Maps
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