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Carefully read the objectives of Ecotourism Society of India . Divide each point amongst the students of the class. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Carefully read the objectives of Ecotourism Society of India . Divide each point amongst the students of the class. Initiate a one minute speech in the class where each pair will make a presentation on the point allotted to them.

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Classroom activity. The following short speeches shall greatly help the students in doing this activity : 
1. We have to make a strategy for the long-term sustenance of the plan. For this work has to be done at all levels, we have to purify air, water and earth. The task is hard but not impossible. To purify our water, the industrial waste water must be treated and purified before throwing it into rivers or oceans. The same thing is to be done about air. Earth can be purified by discontinuing the use of chemical fertilizers. In their place the newly developed organic fertilizers shou ld be used.

2. In order to boost tourism we have to work with many government and private bodies. For example the people of the tourist industry have to understand how to deal politely with the tourists. A tourist is a man on a foreign land. Thus he is like a fish out of water. He needs some support and confidence. Our good behaviour will give him that We have to contact with the hotel owners to see their capacity. A tourist needs a proper place to live. To attract the tourists we have to be careful about the conservation of nature and wildlife. Many tourists come only for these two things. They are not interested in buildings and structures.

3. The number of tourists is to be increased but regulated and properly directed. It means that we need to have many places of tourist attraction. Let us try to promote them all. If tourists are guided only to a few selected places and they are served with great love and respect, this will be good neither for the tourists nor for tourism industry .In that case these selected places will lose their uniqueness and possibly be polluted. The other places will find it difficult to survive for want of financial resources.

4. To boost terrorism is a good ideal. However, while doing so we should not forget our aim. The aim is to benefit the country and spreading the awareness about our culture. An additional purpose is to help keep our old heritage So we have to maintain only sustainable tourism. For this enlightened people should work with government bodies. Together they should develop policies and code of conduct to promote sustainable tourism. Otherwise. the unrestricted tourism in the country will defeat its own purpose. That is to say the tourism can pollute and destroy the tourist spots. It can destroy the culture of the host country.

5. People should also work with government bodies to motivate the people engaged in tourism industry. It  can be done in various ways One simple way is to reward a good performance. To do so the government  can give certificates of merit for the quality work. A committee of people comprising government officials  and renowned people from the public can be constituted. This committee can evaluate the work and then  give certificates to those who have excelled in providing services to the foreign tourists. 

6. The public can work as watch dog for excessive consumption of natural resources. for example there are in every city many tube - wells which draw illegal water from the earth. The trees are cut to create space for the infrastructure to facilitate tourism. Moreover. some tourists cause havoc to tourism. They pollute our air and water and damage our culture with their indecent behaviours.

Students are advised to prepare more speeches expanding following points yourself .

7. A great service to tourism can be for research and finding out new spots which can be of tourist interest .

8. The Ecotourism Society can work with service providers.

9. Ecotourism Society can stage programmes to encourage use of local practices

10. The management of waste is one of the biggest modern day problems

11. Ecotourism society can encourage people to adopt low pollution generating practices . 

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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