Cards Numbered from 11 to 60 Are Kept in a Box. If a Card is Drawn at Random from the Box, Find the Probability that the Number on the Drawn Card is an Odd Number. - Mathematics

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Cards numbered from 11 to 60 are kept in a box. If a card is drawn at random from the box, find the probability that the number on the drawn card is an odd number.

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Total possible outcomes = {11, 12, 13, ...60} = 50
Favourable outcome for getting an odd number = {11, 13, 15, ......, 57, 59}
Total number of favourable outcomes (n) can be given by,
P (getting an odd number) `="Favourable outcomes"/"Total outcomes"=25/50=1/2`

Concept: Basic Ideas of Probability
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2013-2014 (March) Delhi Set 3

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