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Can You Tell What Should Be Taken into Account for Measuring Work? - General Science

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Can you tell what should be taken into account for measuring work?



While measuring work, the magnitude of force applied on an object and the displacement of an object should be taken into account.

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Chapter 11: Work and Energy - Exercises [Page 83]


Balbharati General Science 6th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 11 Work and Energy
Exercises | Q 3.2 | Page 83


Write true or false of the following statement.

One form of energy cannot be converted into another form.

 Fill in the blank

The ability to do work is called ______

Fill in the blank

The S.I.unit of energy is ______

Match the following columns

1. Running water  1. heat energy 
2. Burning  2. vibrations 
3.Energy  3.atom bomb
4.Sound energy  4.kinetic energy 
5.Nuclear energy  5.joule

Select the correct alternatives

When we rub our hands

Select the correct alternatives 

 When a bulb lights up on passing current, the change of energy is

Select the correct alternatives 

The correct statement is

What are the two kinds of mechanical energy.

What is potential energy ? State its unit.

State two factors on which the potential energy of a body at a certain height above the ground depends.

Match the following:

 Column A   Column B
(a) Needle (1) class II lever
(b) Doorknob (2) inclined plane
(c) Ramp  (3) Class I lever
(d) Lemon crusher (4) Wheel and axle 
(e) Seesaw (5) wedge

What is energy?

Define the term efficiency of a machine.

Tick the most appropriate answer.

The force applied on a machine to do work is called the

Answer the following in a word or two or in a sentence.

Write the formula for calculating the efficiency of a machine.

Answer the following in short.

What do you understand by the term efficiency of a machine’?

Give a reason for the following.

The efficiency of a machine is always less than 100%.

Name two units of power bigger than watt.

Define the term 'watt'.

How many joules are there in one kilowatt-hour?

Name the quantity whose unit is :
(a) kilowatt
(b) kilowatt-hour

A cell converts one form of energy into another form. Name the two forms.

The commercial unit of energy is :

Study the following activity and answer the questions.
  1. Take two aluminium channels of different lengths.
  2. Place the lower ends of the channels on the floor and hold their upper ends at the same height.
  3. Now take two balls of the same size and weight and release them from the top end of the channels. They will roll down and cover the same distance.
Questions -
  1. At the moment of releasing the balls, which energy do the balls have?
  2. As the balls roll down which energy is converted into which other form of energy?
  3. Why do the balls cover the same distance on rolling down?
    Note: The question is wrong. It should be "Why do the balls cover the same distance after rolling down"?
  4. What is the form of the eventual total energy of the balls?
  5. Which law related to energy does the above activity demonstrate? Explain.

If the energy of a ball falling from a height of 10 metres is reduced by 40%, how high will it rebound?

Fill in the blank with the appropriate term from the brackets.

The capacity that an object has for doing work is called __________.
(energy, displacement, force)

Can you tell when can we say that displacement has taken place?

We make useful objects from a variety of substances. Another use of substances is that we get energy from some of them.
There is a car. Its tank is full of fuel but it does not move. Why is that?

We make useful objects from a variety of substances. Another use of substances is that we get energy from some of them.
When we have run a long distance, we feel tired. We have to stop. Why is that?

Observe the picture and put a tick (✓) if work is done and put a cross (x) if work is not done.

Running water possesses ______.

Which one of the following requires wind energy?

Find out the form of energy possessed by the following thing.

A rock on the top of a hill

Define energy?

Write the type of energy.

What energy transfer happen in a car engine?

When a body falls freely towards the earth, then its total energy

Which one of the following is not the unit of energy?

The work done on an object does not depend upon the

The weight of a person on planet A is about half that on the earth. He can jump up to 0.4 m in height on the surface of the earth. How high he can jump on planet A?


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