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Can You Make Some Guesses About the Dead Man? Give Reasons for Your Answers. - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

Can you make some guesses about the dead man? Give reasons for your answers. 
a) Did the man die a natural death or was he murdered? 
b) Was the dead man rich or poor? 
c) Who is the man bending over him? 

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  1. It looks like a murder because some sort of weapon is found near the dead body.
  2. His clothes and the Manor House are indicating that he was a rich man.
  3. Seems to be a detective or a police officer. The calm over his face says that he is not a relative of the dead man.
Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE English Course Communicative: Main Course Book Interact in English - Class 9
Chapter 5.3 The Tragedy of Birlstone
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 100
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