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Can You Imagine Some Village Which Initially Had No Job Opportunities but Later Came up with Many? - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Can you imagine some village which initially had no job opportunities but later came up with many? 

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(i)There was a village inhabited by several families. Each family produced enough to feed its members. Each family met its needs by the members making their own clothes and teaching their own children.

(ii)One of the families decided to send one of its sons to an agriculture college. The boy got his admission in the nearby college of agriculture.

(iii)After some time he became qualified in agro-engineering and came back to the village. He proved to be so creative that he could design an improved type of plough, which increased the yield of wheat. Thus a new job of agro-engineer was created and filled in the village. Inspired by this success all the families after some time held a meeting in the village.

(iv)They all wanted to have a better future for their children too. They requested to Panchayat to open a school in the village. The Panchayat with the help of govt. opened a school. A teacher was recruited from a nearby town.

(v)After some time one of the families gave training to his daughter in tailoring. She started stitching clothes for all the families at the village. Overtime, this village, which formally had no job opportunities in the beginning, had many opportunities like teacher, tailor, agro-engineer and many more.

Concept: Unemployment
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NCERT Class 9 Social Science Economics
Chapter 2 People as Resource
Exercise | Q 14 | Page 27
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