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Can a Distorted Body Image Lead to Eating Disorders? Classify the Various Forms of It. - Psychology

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Can a distorted body image lead to eating disorders? Classify the various forms of it.

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Yes, a distorted body image can lead to eating disorders. The various forms of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating.

1. Anorexia nervosa :- In this eating disorder, the individual has a distorted body image that leads her/him to see herself/himself as overweight. Often refusing to eat, exercising compulsively and developing unusual habits such as refusing to eat in front of others, the anorexic may lose large amounts of weight and even starve herself/himself to death.

2. Bulimia nervosa :- In this disorder, the individual may eat excessive amounts of food, then purge her/his body of food by using medicines such as laxatives or diuretics or by vomiting. The person often feels disgusted and ashamed when s/he binges and is relieved of tension and negative emotions after purging.

3. Binge eating :- In this disorder, there are frequent episodes of out-of-control eating.

Concept: Major Psychological Disorders
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology Textbook
Chapter 4 Psychological Disorders
Exercise | Q 4 | Page 87
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