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Calorific Value and Ignition Temperature of Fuel X Are 75 Kj/G and 20°C Respectively. These Values for Fuel Y Are 50 Kj/G and 75°C Respectively. on Burning, the Fuel Y Produces Only Co2while Fuel X Produces Co2 And Co. Which of the Two is a Better Fuel? Give Two Reasons to Support Your Answer. - Science

Calorific value and ignition temperature of fuel X are 75 kJ/g and 20°C respectively. These values for fuel Y are 50 kj/g and 75°C respectively. On burning, the fuel Y produces only CO2while fuel X produces CO2 and CO. Which of the two is a better fuel? Give two reasons to support your answer.

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Fuel Y is the better fuel for the following reasons.
    (a) It has a moderate ignition temperature of 75°C, i.e., neither too high nor too low.
    (b) It does not produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO).

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 3 Sources of Energy
Q 31 | Page 123
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