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Calculate the Osmotic Pressure of a Solution Prepared by Dissolving 0.025 G of K2so4 in 2.0 Litres of Water at 25°C Assuming that K2so4 is Completely Dissociated. (Mol. Wt. of K2so4 = 174 G Mol–1) - Chemistry (Theory)


Calculate the osmotic pressure of a solution prepared by dissolving 0.025 g of K2SO4 in 2.0 litres of water at 25°C assuming that K2SO4 is completely dissociated. (Mol. wt. of K2SO4 = 174 g mol–1)

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Mass of K2SO4 = 0.025 gm

Molar mass of K2SO4 = 174 g / mol

Volume = 2L

Temperature = 25°C (298 K)

`piV = nRT`

`pi = n/V RT`

`= "mass"/"molar mass" xx 1/V RT`

`= (3 xx 0.025)/(174 xx 2) xx 0.0821 xx298`

= `5.2728 xx 10^(-3)` atm

Concept: Relative Molecular Mass of Non-volatile Substances - Osmotic Pressure and Its Application in the Determination of Relative Molecular Mass
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