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Calculate Electron and Hole Concentration in Intrinsic Si at Room Temperature If Its Electrical Conductivity is 4x10-4 Mho/M.Given that Mobility of Electron= 0.14m2/V-sec and Mobility of Holes=0.04m2/ - Applied Physics 1


Calculate electron & hole concentration in intrinsic Si at room temperature if
its electrical conductivity is 4x10-4 mho/m.Given that mobility of electron=
0.14m2/V-sec and  mobility of holes=0.04m2/V-sec.

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Data: μe=0.14m2/V-sec,μh=0.040m2/V-sec,σ=4×10-4mho/m

Formula:σi= ni(μe+μh).e

Calculations: ni=σi/e(μe+μh)


= ni=1.388×1016/m3

Answer: Carrier concentration=1.388×1016/m3

Concept: Conductivity, mobility, current density (drift & diffusion) in semiconductors(n type and p type)
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