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Calculate Cost of Materials Consumed from the Following: - Accountancy


Calculate Cost of Materials Consumed from the following:
Opening Inventory of Materials ₹3,50,000; Finished Goods ₹75,000; Stock-in-Trade ₹2,00,000; Closing Inventory of: Materials ₹3,25,000; Finished Goods ₹85,000; Stock-in-Trade ₹1,50,000; Purchases during the year: Raw Material ₹17,50,000; Stock-in-Trade ₹9,00,000.

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Cost of Materials Consumed = Opening Inventory of Materials + Purchase of Materials - Closing Invetory of Materials

= 350000 + 1750000 - 325000 = 1775000

∴ Cost of Materials Consumed = Rs 1775000

Note: Opening Inventory of Finished Goods and Closing Inventory of Finished Goods will not be considered as these are shown under Change in Inventory of Finished Goods. Also, Opening, Closing and Purchases of Stock-in-Trade are not considered as they are not part of cost of materials consumed.

Concept: Role and Objectives of Financial Management
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TS Grewal Class 12 Accountancy - Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 1 Financial Statements of a Company
Exercise | Q 34 | Page 70
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