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Calculate Capacitance of Each Capacitor If the Equivalent Capacitance of the Combination is 4 μF. - Physics

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Two parallel-plate capacitors X and Y have the same area of plates and same separation between them. X has air between the plates, while Y contains a dielectric medium of εr = 4.

(i) Calculate capacitance of each capacitor if the equivalent capacitance of the combination is 4 μF.

(ii) Calculate the potential difference between the plates X and Y.

(iii) Estimate the ratio of electrostatic energies stored in X and Y.

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(i) We know that the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor is given by


`C_Y=(varepsilon_0 4A)/d`

`C_X=(varepsilon_0 A)/d`



`=>C_(eq)=(C_xC_Y)/(C_x+C_Y) = 4muF`




(ii) The potential difference between plates X and Y can be calculated as follows:





Also, VY+VX=15

VY=3 V

VX=12 V

(iii) The ratio of electrostatic energies can be calculated as follows:




Concept: Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor with and Without Dielectric Medium Between the Plates
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