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Cah2, Beh2 and Tih2 in Order of Increasing Electrical Conductance. - Chemistry

Arrange the following

CaH2, BeH2 and TiH2 in order of increasing electrical conductance.

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The electrical conductance of a molecule depends upon its ionic or covalent nature. Ionic compounds conduct, whereas covalent compounds do not.

BeH2 is a covalent hydride. Hence, it does not conduct. CaH2 is an ionic hydride, which conducts electricity in the molten state. Titanium hydride, TiH2 is metallic in nature and conducts electricity at room temperature. Hence, the increasing order of electrical conductance is as follows:

BeH2 < CaH2 < TiH2

Concept: Water - Physical Properties of Water
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 9 Hydrogen
Q 16.1 | Page 289
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