By selling an article for Rs 1,12,000 a girl gains 40%. The cost price of the article was ______. - Mathematics

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By selling an article for Rs 1,12,000 a girl gains 40%. The cost price of the article was ______.



By selling an article for Rs 1,12,000 a girl gains 40%. The cost price of the article was ₹ 80000.


Selling price of an article = ₹ 112000

Gain% = 40%

Let x be the cost price of the article.

∴ Cost price = selling price – profit % on cost price

∴ Selling price = cost price + profit % on cost price

So, 112000 = `x + x xx 40/100`

⇒ 112000 = `(100x + 40x)/100`

⇒ 112000 × 100 = 140x

⇒ `x = (112000 xx 100)/140`

⇒ `x = (112000 xx 5)/7`

⇒ `x` = 16000 × 5

⇒ `x` = ₹ 80000

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Chapter 9: Comparing Quantities - Exercise [Page 291]


NCERT Exemplar Mathematics Class 8
Chapter 9 Comparing Quantities
Exercise | Q 38 | Page 291


I buy a T.V. for Rs 10,000 and sell it at a profit of 20%. How much money do I get for it?

A student buys a pen for Rs 90 and sells it for Rs 100. Find his gain and gain percent.

Toshiba bought 100 hens for Rs 8000 and sold 20 of these at a gain of 5%. At what gain percent she must sell the remaining hens so as to gain 20% on the whole?

A tradesman marks his goods at such a price that after allowing a discount of 15%, he makes a profit of 20%. What is the marked price of an article whose cost price is Rs 170?

A shopkeeper marks his goods in such a way that after allowing a discount of 25% on the marked price, he still makes a profit of 50%. Find the ratio of the C.P. to the M.P.

After allowing a discount of 20% on the marked price of a lamp, a trader loses 10%. By what percentage is the marked price above the cost price?

Jasmine allows 4% discount on the marked price of her goods and still earns a profit of 20%. What is the cost price of a shirt for her marked at Rs 850?

A retailer buys an article at a discount of 20% on the listed price from a wholesaler. The shopkeeper marks up the price by 10% on the listed price. A buyer pays Rs 231 to get it after paying a sales tax at the rate of 5% on the price asked for. Find the profit percentage.

The cost price and selling price are given in the following table. Find out whether there was a profit or a loss and how much it was.

Cost Price
(in Rs.)
Selling Price
(in Rs)
Profit or Loss How much?
4100 4090    

The cost price and selling price are given in the following table. Find out whether there was a profit or a loss and how much it was.

Cost Price
(in Rs.)
Selling Price
(in Rs)
Profit or Loss How much?
700 799    

The Jijamata Women’s Saving Group bought raw materials worth Rs 15000 for making chakalis. They sold the chakalis for 22050 rupees. How much profit did the WSG make?

Pramod bought 100 bunches of methi greens for Rs 400. In a sudden downpour, 30 of the bunches on his handcart got spoilt. He sold the rest at the rate of Rs 5 each. Did he make a profit or a loss? How much?

Sharad bought one quintal of onions for Rs 2000. Later he sold them all at the rate of Rs 18 per kg. Did he make a profit or incurs a loss? How much was it? 

Abraham bought goods worth Rs 50000 and spent Rs 7000 on transport and octroi. If he sold the goods for Rs 65000, did he make a profit or a loss? How much?

Kusumtai bought 80 cookers at Rs 700 each. Transport cost her Rs 1280. If she wants a profit of Rs 18000, what should be the selling price per cooker?

Using the figures given below, frame problems based on profit percent or loss percent.

​Cost price Rs 8600, transport charges Rs 250, porterage Rs 150, selling price Rs 10000

Using the figures given below, frame problems based on profit percent or loss percent.

Seeds worth Rs 20500, labour Rs 9700, chemicals and fertilizers Rs 5600, selling price Rs 28640.

Javedbhai bought 35 electric mixers for Rs. 4300 each. To transport them to the shop, he spent Rs. 2100. If he expects to make a profit of Rs. 21000, at what price should he sell each mixer?

A mobile phone is sold for ₹ 8400 at a gain of 20%. The cost price of the mobile phone is ________

 A mixer grinder marked at ₹ 4500 is sold for ₹ 4140 after discount. The rate of discount is __________

If the profit earned on selling an article for ₹ 810 is the same as loss on selling it for ₹ 530, then find the cost price of the article.

Some articles are bought at 2 for ₹ 15 and sold at 3 for ₹ 25. Find the gain percentage

Find the unknowns x, y and z.

Name of the item Marked Price Selling Price Discount
Digital clock ₹ 750 ₹ 615 z

If a mattress is marked for ₹ 7500 and is available at two successive discount of 10% and 20%, find the amount to be paid by the customer

By selling a flower pot for ₹ 528, a woman gains 20%. At what price should she sell it to gain 25%?

The single discount in % which is equivalent to two successive discounts of 20% and 25% is

A fruit vendor bought some mangoes of which 10% were rotten. He sold `33 1/3%` of the rest. Find the total number of mangoes bought by him initially, if he still has 240 mangoes with him

A shopkeeper gives two successive discounts on an article whose marked price is ₹ 180 and selling price is ₹ 108. Find the first discount percentage if the second discount is 25%

Rani bought a set of bangles for ₹ 310. Her neighbour liked it the most. So, Rani sold it to her for ₹ 325. Find the profit or loss to Rani.

Somu bought a second hand bike for ₹ 28,000 and spent ₹ 2,000 on its repair. He sold it for ₹ 30,000. Find his profit or loss

Valarmathi sold her pearl set for ₹ 30,000 at profit of ₹ 5000. Find the cost price of the pearl set

Valavan bought 24 eggs for ₹ 96. Four of them were broken and also he had a loss of ₹ 36 on selling them. What is the selling price of one egg?

Mangai bought a cell phone for ₹ 12585. It fell down. She spent ₹ 500 on its repair. She sold it for ₹ 7500. Find her profit or loss

‘Overhead expenses’ is always included in __________

A man bought 400 metre of cloth for ₹ 60,000 and sold it at the rate of ₹ 400 per metre. Find his profit or loss

A fruit seller bought 2 dozen bananas at ₹ 20 a dozen and sold them at ₹ 3 per banana. Find his gain or loss

A store purchased pens at ₹ 216 per dozen. He paid ₹ 58 for conveyance and sold the pens at the discount of ₹ 2 per pen and made a overall profit of ₹ 50. Find the M.P. of each pen.

An electrician buys a used T.V. for ₹ 12,000 and a used Fridge for ₹ 11,000. After spending ₹ 1000 on repairing the T.V. and ₹ 1500 on painting the Fridge, he fixes up the M.P. of T.V. as ₹ 15,000 and that of Fridge as ₹ 15,500. If he gives ₹ 1000 discount on each find his profit or loss

The meeting of the Meenkar Bank has just begun. Fazila is the president. Twenty fisherwomen have made their own bank. Each saves Rs 25 every month and puts it in the bank.

How much money does the group collect each month?

The women of Meenkar Bank also want to start a factory to dry fish. The Panchayat has given them some land for that. Over the years they have saved Rs 74,000. They find out how much they will need for the factory.
Fazila writes the things they need to buy to begin. See the table for the cost of each item and the number of items they want to buy. Find the total cost.

Item Price of each Number of items Cost
Borewell for freshwater Rs 3000 1  
Bamboo rack for fish drying Rs 2000 20  
Cement tank Rs 1000 4  
Tray and knife Rs 300 20  
Bucket Rs 75 20  

Total cost to set up the factory = ______

When fresh fish is dried it becomes `1/3` its weight.

In one month they plan to dry 6000 kg of fresh fish.

How much-dried fish will they get in a month?

Jhansi - I found that for 6000 kg fish we would need 1500 kg salt every month! Its price is Rs 2 per kg.

Monthly costs:

a) Salt 1500 x 2 = Rs ______

b) Packing and bus charges = Rs 3000

So the total monthly cost of drying and selling the fish = Rs ______

Fazila - That sounds very good! Our calculations tell us that every month our Bank will earn Rs 44,000!

Check to see if you also get the same answer.

The original price of a washing machine which was bought for Rs 13,500 inclusive of 8% VAT is ______.

40% of [100 – 20% of 300] is equal to ______.

Music CD originally priced at Rs 120 is on sale for 25% off. What is the S.P.? Sonia and Rahul have different ways of calculating the sale price for the items they bought.

As you work on the next problem, try both of these methods to see which you prefer.

With the decrease in prices of tea by 15% Tonu, the chaiwallah, was able to buy 2 kg more of tea with the same Rs 45 that he spent each month on buying tea leaves for his chai shop. What was the reduced price of tea? What was the original price of tea?

A bicycle is purchased for ₹ 1800 and is sold at a profit of 12%. Its selling price is ______.

A farmer bought a buffalo for ₹ 44000 and a cow for ₹ 18000. He sold the buffalo at a loss of 5% but made a profit of 10% on the cow. The net result of the transaction is ______.

Mohini bought a cow for ₹ 9000 and sold it at a loss of ₹ 900. The selling price of the cow is ______.

Nasim bought a pen for ₹ 60 and sold it for ₹54. His ______ % is ______.

If 20 lemons are bought for ₹ 10 and sold at 5 for three rupees, then ______ in the transaction is ______ %.

Narain bought 120 oranges at ₹ 4 each. He sold 60 % of the oranges at ₹ 5 each and the remaining at ₹ 3.50 each. His ______ is ______ %.

The cost of a flower vase got increased by 12%. If the current cost is ₹ 896, what was its original cost?

In an entertainment programme, 250 tickets of ₹ 400 and 500 tickets of ₹ 100 were sold. If the entertainment tax is 40% on ticket of ₹ 400 and 20% on ticket of  ₹ 100, find how much entertainment tax was collected from the programme.

Harish bought a gas-chullah for ₹ 900 and later sold it to Archana at a profit of 5 per cent. Archana used it for a period of two years and later sold it to Babita at a loss of 20 per cent. For how much did Babita get it?


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