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Bring Out Three Differences Each Between Bharatiya Jana Sangh and Swatantra Party. - Political Science

Distinguish Between

Bring out three differences each between Bharatiya Jana Sangh and Swatantra Party.

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Differences between Bharatiya Jana Sangh and Swatantra Party :-

  Bharatiya Jana Sangh Swatantra Party
1. Bhartiya Jana Sangh believed in the ideology of the ‘one party, one nation, one culture and one national ideal. Swatantra party believed in the equality of opportunity for all people without any distinction of religion, caste, class, race, etc.
2. Bhartiya Jana Sang stands for the nationalism of basic and defence industries but it does not favour the policies of taking more and more industries under state ownership and control because it believes that this tendencies is harmful both for democracy and economic development. Swatantra Party stands for the principle of maximum freedom for the individual and minimum interference by the state.
3. Bhartiya Jana Sangh favours to follow the policy of Non-Alignment with the two power blocs as also of Non-involvement in the international affairs not directly affecting India. Swatantra Party was critical of the policy of Non-Alignment and advocated close ties with the USA.
Concept: Introduction of Era of One-party Dominance
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Politics in India since Independence
Chapter 2 era of one-party dominance
Exercise | Q 7.2 | Page 44
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