Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 8th
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Bring out the results of the Third Maratha War. - Social Science

Short Note

Bring out the results of the Third Maratha War.

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  1. The Maratha confederacy was dissolved and Peshwaship was abolished.
  2. Most of the territory of Peshwa BajiRao II was annexed and became part of the Bombay Presidency
  3. The defeat of the Bhonsle and Holkar also resulted in the acquisition of the Maratha kingdoms of Nagpur and Indore by the British.
  4. The BajiRao II, the last Peshwa of Maratha was given an annual pension of 8 lakh rupees.
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Samacheer Kalvi Social Science Class 8th Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 1.2 From Trade to Territory
Evaluation | Q VI. 5 | Page 24
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