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Briefly Write About the Importance of Physical Hygiene During Adolescence. - Biology

Briefly write about the importance of physical hygiene during adolescence.

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Physical hygiene also named as Personal hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy during adolescence. The teenager should follow the below mentioned activities to promote their health:

  1. Proper and Safe Food: Adolescence is a stage of rapid growth and development. Hence, a teenager should take proper care of their diet. They should take proper balanced diet that provides protiens, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. They should take freshly prepared food and avoid stale food. They should take milk, fruits and fresh vegetables.
  2. Proper life Style: Regular Exercise and sleep are necessary for maintaining good health. Teenager should avoid long hours of continous table work, television watching. Teenager should not consume alcohol, drugs or smoking.
  3. Cleanliness: Teenager should take bath regularly. They should always wash their hands before and after having meals. Brushing up teeths after every meal. They should always change and wear washed clothes especially undergarments. Regular toilet habits should be adopted for maintaining good health. Teenager must keep their feet cleaned and protected. Injuries due to bacteria like tetanus, hookworms and insects may be issued if barefoot walk is undertaken. They must wash and comb their hairs regularly. All body parts must be washed and cleaned everyday. If cleanliness is not maintained there may occur chances of catching bacterial infection. Girls should take special care of cleanliness during the time of menstrual period.
  4. Physical Exercise: Inorder to keep the body fit and healthy, teenager’s should walk, exercise and play outdoor games regularly in fresh air. Playing Outdoor games reduces the stress and strain of adolescence.
Concept: Adolescence and Accompanying Changes - Importance of Personal Hygiene
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Selina Concise Biology Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 5 Endocrine System and Adolescence
Long Answer Questions | Q 7 | Page 52
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