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Briefly Explain the Role of Opposition Parties in India. - Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Briefly explain the role of opposition parties in India.

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Role of the Opposition in India:

  1. The Opposition checks the government from becoming corrupt and dictatorial and thus keeps it sensitive to the needs of the people. In this way, it protects our rights and our Constitution. It checks inside the Parliament by debates, discussions, question hours, supplementary questions, adjournment motion, cut motions and ultimately by vote of no-confidence. It checks outside the Parliament by rallies, dharnas, gheraos and fasting.
  2. Parliamentary function: a. They expose the weakness of the ministers and the bureaucracy. b. Through them, the Parliament obtains detailed and accurate information as to what legislation is needed for the country.
  3. Lending support to wise legislation and equalitarian measures: The Opposition does not always obstruct and harass the government. It agrees with the government on certain fundamentals like support in electoral reforms, making Panchayat and local bodies autonomous, fighting corruption, judicial reforms, and improved condition of workers and peasants. No party would compromise on the country's unity, integrity and sovereignty.
  4. Negative role of the Opposition: a. It opposes all governmental measures and purposes nothing concrete. It only criticises without giving constructive suggestions. b. Its main aim is to dislodge and discredit the government. c. Through dharnas and gheraos, it curtails the progress of the country. Therefore, it should oppose and not obstruct, criticise or stall the working of the administration.
Concept: Emergence of Opposition Parties
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