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Briefly Evaluate Dr. Martin Luther King’S Role in the Civil Rights Move-ments. - History

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Answer in Brief

Briefly evaluate Dr. Martin Luther King’s role in the Civil Rights Movements.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. worked hard to bring greater equality to America and ensure civil rights for all people, regardless of race. Notably, He brought publicity to major civil rights activities, emphasizing the importance of nonviolent protest. he modeled sound leadership to the African-American civil rights movement. What did Martin Luther King do to progress the civil rights movement? He stood as a pillar of hope and a model of grace.

Assassinated in 1968, King led a brief life filled with many great accomplishments, working to promote equal treatment of all races. His nonviolent to protesting, his legions of followers, and his true belief in the ability of mankind to live in peace went a long way toward the advancement of civil rights during this tumultuous time in history.

King's accomplishments are numerous. They include:

  • Providing leadership in the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955

  • Delivering his famous " I Have a Dream" speech in 1963

  • Being instrumental in establishing the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in 1957, a civil rights organization that supports the philosophy of nonviolence

Montgomery Bus Boycott

In Montgomery, Alabama in 1955, King led a boycott against city buses that refused to let blacks sit in the front seats. The protest gained followers rapidly, and it led to a citywide boycott of the bus system until the rules were changed. King and his followers were sent to jail, the boycott did succeed and the unfair, racist law allowing segregation aboard the buses was changed. He emerged as a leader in the civil rights movement while cementing his dedication to change via nonviolent methods.

"I Have a Dream"

In 1963, King and other leaders of the civil rights movement organized a huge march for equal rights in Washington, D.C. With a massive crowd of Over 200,000 followers, the march protested racial discrimination in schools and the workforce. They demanded a minimum wage for all workers. It was the largest gathering in Washington, D.C.'s history. This was the site of King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
His speech marked him as a master orator capable of punching his points with anaphoras - words or phrases repeated for emphasis - while citing powerful sources, including the Bible and the U.S. Constitution.

King's Use of Nonviolent Social Change

Because of his commitment to peace, nonviolence, and equality, King's civil rights protests made genuine headway in American society. Without question. Martin Luther King Jr. advanced the movement with his well-spoken elegance and grace.
King's stark insistence on nonviolence was a major factor in the acknowledgment given to the civil rights movement during such a time of unrest. His genuine desire for the country to come together was recognized as a great contribution to America.

African-American Civil Rights Movement

King's civil rights movement lasted from around 1955 to 1968. Its goals were to abolish racial discrimination in many areas including public transportation, employment, voting, and education.
Nonviolent protests and civil disobedience during this time caused many crises, forcing the government to intervene. The protests consisted of sit-ins, marches, and boycotts. Notable legislation during this time included the:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964 - This banned discrimination in employment and public accommodations based on "race, color, religion, or national origin."

  •  Voting Rights Act of 1965 - This act restored and protected the right to vote.

  • Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965 - This allows immigration from groups other than those from the traditional European countries.

  • Fair Housing Act of 1968- This banned housing discrimination in both sales or rentals.

Concept: Civil Rights Movement
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