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Briefly Discuss Any Five Types of Families. - Sociology

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Short Note

Briefly discuss any five types of families.

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Types of Families: Based on different attributes families can be of the following types :

Size: Joint and Nuclear. Depending on the size of a family it can either be :

  • Joint Family: One which includes a husband and wife, their biological or adopted offsprings, grandparents and other relatives, all living together.
  • Nuclear: Such a family is comprised of a husband and wife and their biological or adopted children.

Authority: Based on the criteria of authority family can be :

  • Matriarchal: In this type of family, the female holds the highest status and authority of being the head of the family.
  • Patriarchal: In this type, a male member holds the highest status, authority and decisive powers in the family.

Residence: Based on the form of residence a family can either be

  • Matrilocal: In this type, the bride and groom, post-marriage reside in the bride’s mother’s house.
  • Patrilocal: In this type, post-marriage the bride and groom stay at the groom’s father’s house.

Descent: Based on tracing of descent families can either be :

  • Matrilineal: In this type, descent is traced along female line and the property is passed down along the female life. Thus descent is traced from the mother’s side.
  • Patrilineal: In this type descent is traced along the father’s side and property is passed down along the male line.

Number of spouses: Based on this criteria families can either be :

  • Monogamous: Families where one man marries only one woman at a given point of time.
  • Polygamous: Families where a man or a woman are married to more than one spouse at a time.
Concept: Family and Kinship
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