Briefly describe the four ashramas. - History and Civics

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Short Note

Briefly describe the four ashramas.

Mention the four ashramas/stages in the life of an Aryan. State the distinctive features of each ashrama.

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The life of an Aryans was divided into the following four ashramas.

  1.  Brahmacharya: It was the first stage of man’s life when he lived with his guru and received an education.
  2. Grihastha: It was the second stage of man’s life during which he got married and led a family life as a householder.
  3. Vanaprastha: It was the third stage of man’s life when he gave up his worldly life and went into the forest to meditate.
  4. Sannyasa: It was the last stage of a man’s life when he renounced all worldly ties and became an ascetic spreading the principles of religion and truth.
Concept: The Four Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas
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