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Brainstorm what you know about Scorpions. Use the points given below. - English

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Answer in Brief

Brainstorm what you know about Scorpions. Use the points given below.

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1) How they attack: either crush their prey or inject it with venom, or they attack using their pincers to hold down the prey: then they sting it. If you step on a scorpion it will sting you straight away.
2) Their appearance: has 8 legs, a pair of pincers, and a narrow, segmented tail ending in a venomous stinger
3) Any more information about them: most people associate them with poisonous stings; however, most of the stings do not present a serious threat and most healthy people do not even need medical treatment after being stung. They have long life-spans; can survive anything, a year without food; eat anything: glow in the dark.
4) Where they live: found on all continents except Antarctica; live everywhere except in very cold places; hide under logs, rocks, clutter, trees, and sand; also live in burrows.

Concept: Writing Skill
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Balbharati English Kumarbharati 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3.1 Night of the Scorpion
Warming Up! | Q 2 | Page 100
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