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Both a Short Day Plant and a Long Day Plant Can Flower Simultaneously in a Given Place. Explain - Biology

Both a short day plant and a long day plant can flower simultaneously in a given place. Explain.

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Solution 1

A short day plant (SDP) flowers only when it receives a long dark period and short photoperiod, e.g., Xanthium, Dahlia etc. On the other hand, a long day plant (LDP) will flower only when it receives a long photoperiod and short dark period, e.g., wheat, oat etc. Thus critical photoperiod is that continuous duration of light which must not be exceeded in SDP and should always be exceeded in LDP in order to bring them to flower. Xanthium requires light for less than 15.6 hrs and Henbane requires light for more than 11 hrs. Xanthium (a SDP) and Henbane (DP) will flower simultaneously in light period between 11 to 15.6 hrs.

Solution 2

The flowering response in short-day plants and long-day plants is dependent on the durations for which these plants are exposed to light. The short-day plant and long-day plant can flower at the same place, provided they have been given an adequate photoperiod.

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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 15 Plant Growth and Development
Q 8 | Page 254
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