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Name and Describe Any Three Causes of Bio-diversity Losses. - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Biology

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Name and describe any three causes of bio-diversity losses.


Three causes of biodiversity losses are:

1. Habitat destruction- It is considered as the primary cause of biodiversity loss. It is generally caused by deforestation, fire and over-use and urbanization. It leads to the extinction or decrease in the number of animals living in that particular habitat.

2. Alien species invasion - Sometimes the alien species introduced in a geographical area unintentionally or deliberately may turn invasive and can cause decline or extinction of the indigenous species. 

3. Over exploitation of natural resources- Over-exploitation of resources has been one of the major contributor to this. Due to increasing human population, resource demands have increased which has resulted into exploitation of already present resources and development of various forms of energy resources. Development of these energy sources modifies natural habitat and accelerates loss of biodiversity.

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Solution Name and Describe Any Three Causes of Bio-diversity Losses. Concept: Biodiversity Conservation.
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