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Prepare a specimen of Bill of Exchange from the following information
(1) Drawee : M.P. Shinde, Siddharth Nagar, Panchgani.
(2) Drawer: M.M. Shaikh, Satara Road, Sangli.
(3) Period of bill : 90 days.
(4) Amount of bill : Rs. 12,800/-
(5) Date of bill : 10th March, 2013.
(6) Date of Acceptance: 14th March, 2013.


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Raja of Nagpur draws a bill on Pradhan of Bhandara for Rs. 6,000 at 3 months. Pradhan accepted and returned it to Raja. Raja then sent the bill to bank for collection.

On due date, Pradhan finds himself unable to make payment of the bill and requests Raja to renew it. Raja accepted a proposal on the condition that, Pradhan should pay Rs. 1,000 on account along with interest Rs. 250 in cash and should accept new bill for the balance at 2 months. These arrangements were carried through. Afterwards, one month before due date of new bill Pradhan retired his acceptance by paying Rs. 4,850.

Give Journal entries in the books of Raja of Nagpur.

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Prepare a specimen of Bill of Exchange from the following information:-

  1. Drawer - Shri Mahesh Patil, Plot No. 25, "Ganesh Nivas" Mahesh Nagar, Koregaon.
  2. Drawee - Shri Vijay Jadhav, "Saket" M.G. Road, Pune 11.
  3. Payee - Shri Sanjay Bornare, Vaijapur.
  4. Period of Bill - 60 days
  5. Date of Bill - 16th March, 2013
  6. Amount of Bill - Rs. 15000
  7. Date of Acceptance - 20th March, 2013
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