Social Science: Democracy and Diversity - Divisions Inherent to the Working of Democracy

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How are the democratic governments better than the other forms of governments? Compare.

How is democracy a better form of government in comparison with other forms of governments? Explain.

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Solution 1

Non-democratic governments are non-representatice in nature and do not involve the participation of people in decision. Power is wielded by dictatorship or other unelected authorities. The decision-makers are not accountable to anyone for their decisions.

Democracy is a better form of government because of the following reasons:-

(a) Freedom of expression granted in a democratic nation.

(b) The ruling authority would be the choice of the people.

(c) Useful method of representation for large masses.

(d) A tool to represent diverse interests.

(e) Lends stability to the political system.

(f) Develops a political culture which creates apt environment for political socialization.

Solution 2

We can understand how Democracy is better than other forms of government with the help of the following table:

People's vote decides the representatives who run the governmentDynasty rule , military regimes or dictators run the government
Right to vote is a fundamental rightright to vote is not conferred as a fundamental right; in some cases, it is restricted
free and fair elections take place periodicallyelections have no place in non-democratic countries; even though they happen, they are not free of foul play
People, have a say in the development and passage of legislation through their elected representatives.In a non-democracy people do not have a say in the government affairs.
Another notable feature of a democracy is the rule of majority. Democracies are not controlled by the whims of a leader, but they are governed by laws that apply to leaders and citizens equally.

Non-democracies are controlled by the whims of a leader.

Concept: Divisions Inherent to the Working of Democracy
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