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Before Robert Norman Worked on 'Dip and Field Concept', His Predecessor Thought that the Tendency of the Magnetic Needle to Swing Towards the Poles Was Due to a Point Attractive. - Logical Reasoning


Before Robert Norman worked on 'Dip and Field Concept', his predecessor thought that the tendency of the magnetic needle to swing towards the poles was due to a point attractive. However, Norman showed with the help of experiment that nothing like point attractive exists. Instead, he argued that magnetic power lies is lodestone.

Which one of the following is the problem on which Norman and others worked?


  • Existence of point attractive

  • Magnetic power in lodestone

  • Magnetic power in needle

  • Swinging of magnetic needle

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Swinging of magnetic needle


The argument is based on the reason for the tendency of a magnetic needle to swing towards the poles. Robert Norman and his predecessor offer different reasoning for this tendency. So, 'Swinging of magnetic needle' effectively expresses the problem they are working on.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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