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Beena Has Been Using 'Klean', a Famous Detergent Available in the Market. on Watching Numerous Advertisements in the Television, She Decided to Try a New Brand of Detergent. When She Went to the Near - Business Studies

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One Line Answer

Answer the following question.
Beena has been using 'Klean', a famous detergent available in the market. On watching numerous advertisements in the television, she decided to try a new brand of detergent. When she went to the near-by store to purchase the same, she saw detergents of other producers making similar claims of whiteness and stain removing abilities. Hence she could not make up her mind as to which detergent to purchase.

Name the objection of advertising being discussed in this case.

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The objection of advertising that is being discussed in the question is that advertising ‘confuses the buyers’ by making similar claims.

Concept: Objections Against Advertising
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