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Solution for Explain the Following:- Natural Selection - CBSE Class 10 - Science

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Explain the following:- Natural Selection


Natural Selection:- Natural selection is the process of evolution of a species whereby characteristics which help individual organisms to survive and reproduce are passed on to their offspring, and those characteristics which do not help are not passed on.

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of natural selection. According to him, nature selects the fittest.

There are always changes in the progeny when an animal reproduces by sexual reproduction. Example: If one of the progeny of deer is tall and the other is short, then the tall one with long legs will survive. Because the progeny with short height cannot reach the leaves of tall trees and cannot get food, they will starve and hence die. Thus, it proves the theory of natural selection.

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Solution for question: Explain the Following:- Natural Selection concept: Basic Concepts of Evolution. For the course CBSE
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