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Based on Your Understanding of the Story Respond to the Following Statement. You Could Get into Groups of Six and Each Student Could Respond to One Statement. Rahul is a Victim of Circumstances. - English Core

One Line Answer

Based on your understanding of the story respond to the following statement. You could get into groups of six and each student could respond to one statement.

(а) Rahul is a victim of circumstances.
(b) His classmates’ reaction is normal
(c) Rahul should take admission in another school
(d) Rahul’s teacher is at fault
(e) Children require individual attention
(f) We need more people like Mrs. Mini


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1. Yes , Rahul is a victim of circumstances in one way because he is born to poor parents . This way he can be called an unlucky boy , moreso , because of this father  

2. his classmates' reaction is normal as usually one's classmates behave like that . what Rahul should do is to tell his teachers of it . This will stop them to make fun . of him or ridicule him . 

3. No , rahul should not go to another school . He must learn to stand on his own legs . Leaving the school won't do . this will make him more sad and depressed. 

4. Rahul's teacher is not at fault because he doesn't know what's happening to Rahul unless he is told of it . I am sure if his teacher gets to know of it . he will help Rahul to regain confidence in himself . 

5. Yes, it is a fact that children require individual attention  as they have different traits. Secondly , they need to be told of the problems faced by their students . They are not gods to know what is  happening to their students in their absence . 

6.Yes, we really need more people like Mrs. Mini. In fact, the race of such people like Mini has come to a big zero. The reason being that all are stressed due to their own problems. These have made them stone hearted, self-centred and selfish.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative (Main Course Book Interact in English)
Chapter 2.1 My Struggle For An Education
Q 4 | Page 48
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