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Based on Your Reading of the Article Above, Answer the Following Question : Why Have Kerala’S Tourism Figures Grown While Those of Some Other States Have Remained Static ? - English Core

One Line Answer

Based on your reading of the article above, answer the following question :

Why have Kerala’s tourism figures grown while those of some other states have remained static ?


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Kerala's tourism figures have grown while those of some other states have remained static. This has
happened because Kerala's Tourism secretary, Dr. Venu has shifted his focus. In 2006-07, Kerala targeted 60% international and 40% domestic tourists. He allocated the state's tourism resources accordingly. He organised partnership meets in non-metro cities all around India. These meets were between the tourism professionals of Kerala and those cities. The result was that the tourism figures in Kerala grew while they  remained unchanged in many states. These were the states which still depended on small and uncertain foreign market .

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