Atul-the Assistant Manager. Vikas-the Marketing Head and Leena. the Human Resource Manager of 'Montac Enterprises Ltd.' Decided to Leave the Company. the Chief Executive Officer of the Company Called the Human Recource Manager. - Business Studies


Atul-The Assistant Manager. Vikas-The Marketing Head and Leena. The Human Resource Manager of 'Montac Enterprises Ltd.' decided to leave the company.

The Chief Executive officer of the company called the Human Recource Manager. Leena and requested her to fill up the vacancies before leaving the organisation, Leena suggested that her subordinate Miss Rama Wadhwa is very competent and trust worthy, if she could be moved up in the hierarchy, she would do the needful. The Chief Executive Officer agreed for the same. Miss Rama Wadhwa contacted 'Smith Recruiters' who advertised for the post of marketing head for 'Montac Enterprises Ltd'. They were able to recruit a suitable candidate for the company. Atul's vanancy was filled up by screening the database of unsolicited applications lying the office.

a. Name the internal/external sources of recruitment used by 'Montac Enterprises Ltd', to fill up the above state vacancies.

b. Also state any one merit of each of the above identified source of recruitment.



a. Internal/external recruitment sources used by ‘Montac Enterprises Ltd.’ to fill various positions:-

i. Promotion:- The human resource manager was recruited using promotion. Promotion is an internal source of recruitment.

ii. Placement consultants:- The marketing head was recruited through an external source of placement consultants.

iii. Casual callers:- The assistant manager was recruited using existing applications.

b. Merits of the above listed sources of recruitment:

i. Promotion:- It creates employee engagement and inspires the employee to perform better.

ii. Placement consultants:- Placement consultants assist an organisation to acquire the necessary talent by providing their expertise in searching and attracting new talent.

iii. Casual callers:- Casual callers already exist in the database of the company, and hence, it involves the least cost to hire them as compared to other methods.

Concept: Staffing - Recruitment Process
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Explain briefly transfers and promotions as internal sources of recruitment.

Explain Direct Recruitment and Advertisement as external sources of recruitment

Mohit Gupta is working with 'Yellow Security Services Ltd.' He is also recruiting security guards for the company. The company provide security services in Delhi and Noida at short notice to various companies. The guards are recruited on a temporary basis. The guards provided by this company are known for their honesty and punctuality. Mohit Gupta is well known in his village for providing employment to unskilled people

a. Name the source of recruitment used by 'Yellow Security Services Ltd.'
b. State any one disadvantage of this source of recruitment.
c. Identify the need of 'Security Guards' which is being fulfilled by the company as per Maslow's need hierarchy.
d. Identify any two values communicated to the society in the above-stated case.

Why employees become lethargic when the organisation uses internal sources of recruitment? State.

State any four advantages of external sources of recruitment

What is meant by recruitment? How is it different from selection?

A company is manufacturing paper plates and bowls. It produces 1,00,000 plates and bowls each day. Due to local festival, it got an urgent order of extra 50,000 plates and bowls. Explain the method of recruitment that the company should adopt in the given circumstances to meet the order.

Why are internal sources of recruitment considered to be more economical?

Kaul Consultants have launched exclusively for senior management professionals. The portal lists out senior level jobs and ensures that the job is genuine through rigorous screening process.
a. State the source of recruitment highlighted in the case above.
b. State four benefits of the above identified source of recruitment.

A major insurance company handled all recruiting, screening and training processes for data entry/customer service representatives. Their competitor was attracting most of the qualified, potential employees in their market. Recruiting was made even more difficult by the strong economy and the ‘jobseeker’s market.’ This resulted in the client having to choose from candidates who had the ‘soft’ skills needed for the job, but lacked the proper ‘hard’ skills and training.

a. As an HR manager what problems do you see in the company?
b. How do you think it can be resolved and what would be its impact on the company?

Answer the question briefly.
Explain any two sources of external recruitment used in today’s world.

What are the steps involved in the process of recruitment?

Write a short note on: Internal sources of recruitment.

Answer the following question.
Biru Nandan, Chairman of Lalit group of companies founded 'Biru University' for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in diverse disciplines. The Information Technology department of the 'Lalit Power Ltd., had few vacancies related to Cyber Security. The Human Resource Department of the Company decided to recruit fresh engineering graduates from 'Biru University' for the same. Identify the type of source of recruitment.

State the steps in Recruitment process outsourcing.

The process of manning various jobs in the organisation with the right person is known as ______.

Identify and explain the two sources of the source of recruitment which cannot be used when the existing staff is either insufficient or does not fulfil the eligibility criteria of the jobs to be filled.

Which of the following is not an advantage of using external sources of recruitment?

Which of the following is not a disadvantage of using external sources of recruitment?

Which of these is the purpose of recruitment?

Rajan Ltd. decided to change their organization structure and shift to functional structure. So, it decided to hire four different Heads for Sales, Accounts, Purchase and Production from outside the company to bring fresh talent. It publishes advertisement and shortlists 20 candidates for each position after conducting various selection tests. Out of the following, identify the next step to be followed by Rajan Ltd.

Which of the following steps in the process of staffing involves the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for respective jobs in the organization?

Assertion (A): Direct method of recruitment is very inexpensive as it does not involve any cost of advertising for the vacancies.

Reason (R): Under direct recruitment, a notice is placed on the notice-board of the enterprise specifying the details of the jobs available.

Real Tech Builders has to deliver the flats to its buyers for possession on time. Due to this, there is a sudden increase in workload. Therefore, the company needs to arrange workers to work at the sites at a short notice. The source of recruitment which may be used by the company to tap the casual vacancy is :

In which of the following external source of recruitment, applicants are introduced by the present employees :

Which of the following statements is true with respect to internal source of recruitment?

Which of the following internal sources of recruitment involves shifting of an employee from one job to another, one department to another?

'External sources of recruitment may lead to dissatisfaction and frustration among existing employees. They may feel that their chances of promotion are reduced.' Give two situations when external sources may be used without dissatisfying the existing employees.

The Human Resource Manager of Alfa Ltd. a leading air-conditioner manufacturer requires employees for various posts. He wanted to opt for a source of recruitment where the background of potential candidates is sufficiently known. He knew that applicants introduced by present employees or their friends and relatives may prove to be a good source of recruitment.
  1. Identify the external source of recruitment discussed in the above paragraph.
  2. State any four advantages of external sources of recruitment.

State any four limitations of using internal sources of recruitment.

Identify the external source of recruitment illustrated by the picture given below:

“Filling vacancies for various job positions from within the organisation has many limitations." State any four such limitations.


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