Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Attempt the following. Write a letter to the shareholder regarding issue of Bonus Shares. - Secretarial Practice

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Answer in Brief

Attempt the following.

Write a letter to the shareholder regarding issue of Bonus Shares.

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Registered office: 102, New MIDC, Usha Tower, Shahu Chowk
Mumbai – 400 031,
CIN: L40407 MH 20050PLC710007

E-mail[email protected]
Date: 16thOctobar, 2019 022-23252323
Fax no. 022-23600445
Ref no. Y/MR-B /5/19-20

Ms. Yukta Shroff
715, Narayan Peth
Laxmi Road,
Pune - 411 038.

Sub. : Issue of Bonus Shares

Dear Madam,
       I am directed by the Board of Directors to inform you that in accordance with the resolution passed in the Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the company held on 14th October 2019 Shareholders have unanimously approved the recommendation of the Board of Directors to issue Bonus Shares. Bonus Shares are issued in the ratio of 1:1, i.e. one additional equity share for every equity share held as on record date 13th October 2019.

The Details of issue of Bonus Shares are as follows:

1 2 3 4 5
No. of Shares held on record date No. of Bonus Shares Issued/Allotted D.P.ID No.

Client ID No.

Date of Credit to Demat A/c
Credit to Demat Account no.
25 25 IN 300100 10116061 31-10-2019

The Company has complied with the provisions for the issue of Bonus Shares. The Bonus Shares issued will rank pari passu with the existing equity shares.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,       
For Yash Industries Limited

(Mr. S. R. Naik)   
Company Secretary

Concept: Specimen Letters
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Balbharati Secretarial Practice 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Correspondence with Members
Exercises | Q 5. 1. | Page 103
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