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Attempt the Following Question in 100–150 Words. How Did Griffin’S Invisibility Come to His Help Whenever He Found Himself in Trouble? - English - Language and Literature

Short Note

Attempt the following question in 100–150 words.
How did Griffin’s invisibility come to his help whenever he found himself in trouble?

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Griffin’s invisibility helped him every time he found himself in trouble. For example, when he went to rob the Innkeeper, he could not be spotted by him. Another instance was when he stole some clothes from the big store in London to cover himself in the cold but after being spotted by people he ran for his life and was forced to undress once again and become invisible. Griffin even scared the Innkeeper by revealing his invisible self and thus, found an escape every time. Thus, Griffin’s invisibility can be said to be his savior in disguise as it helped him escape miseries during various situations in the story.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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