Attempt the Following Question in 100–150 Words. How Did Education Change Bholi’S Personality? - English - Language and Literature

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Answer in Brief

Attempt the following question in 100–150 words.
How did education change Bholi’s personality?

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Education changed Bholi’s personality drastically and for good. She struggled with stammering when she first went to school but then her teacher showed immense confidence in her and helped her read, write and speak. This infused a lot of confidence in her and she was able to speak for herself and her poor father. On her wedding day, she gathered the courage to stop the greedy groom from garlanding her and commanded her father to take back all his money from the groom. Had Bholi not been sent to school, she would have remained the docile and shy girl who would have stammered all her life.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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