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Attempt the Following Question in 100–150 Words. Describe the Journey of Siddhartha Gautama Becoming the Buddha. - English - Language and Literature

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Attempt the following question in 100–150 words.
Describe the journey of Siddhartha Gautama becoming the Buddha.

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Gautam Buddha, who started his journey as a prince was sent away for formal schooling at the age of twelve. Four years later he returned with education in Hindu sacred scriptures to marry a princess. They lived happily together for ten long years and even had a son but once on his journey he came across a sick man, a middle-aged man, a funeral procession and a monk begging for alms disturbed by the sufferings of the world, he at the age of twenty-five left his home and went in search of enlightenment. He wandered for seven years and finally sat under a Peepal tree. Seven days later he was bestowed with enlightenment and he named the tree as Bodhi Tree (Tree of Wisdom). Thereafter he became Buddha and started spreading enlightenment.

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