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Attempt the Following :What is Letter of Allotment of Shares? What Are Its Contents? - Secretarial Practice

Attempt the following :

What is letter of allotment of shares? What are its contents?

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                             STAR INDUSTRIES LIMITED

                   50 /A ,Kasarwadi, Pimpri - Pune - 411018

                    Tele No.24371235 htt://www

                         Email -

Fax :24371255                                             Date:18th June. 2012

Ref : D35/2012


Mr. Bhave singh.P chavan 


Bhandarkar Road, Khar,Mumbai - 53

                          Sub : Allotment of shares

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that your Application No.555341 dated 25th May. 2012 was considred at the board meeting , held on 15th June,2012. As per the Board Resolution No.0052 details of allotment of equity shares are given below.

1 2 3 4 5
No. of Shares applied No. of Shares Allotted Dintintive numbers of shares Amount received as application money Amount due on allotment
100 100 2801 to2900 Rs.250 Rs.250

            You are hereby requested to pay the aforesaid amount due on allotment mentioned in column 5 to our Company's Bankers viz Bank of India at any of its branches. Please make it convenient to pay the allotment money on or before 6 July, 2011. Duly signed and executed share certificate shall be exchanged  agianst this letter of allotment and allotment receipt.


Thanking you.                                                                                               Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                                   For Star Industries Ltd.





                                          ALLOTMENT RECEIPT

                                             Star Industries Ltd.

                              50/A, Kasarwadi, Pimpri - Pune - 411018

                        Tele No. 24371235


Ref D 35/2012

Received form Shri. Bhave Singh P Chavan a sum of Rs. Tow Hundred and Fify only as allotment money on One Hundred equity shares of Rs. 10 each.

                                                                                                For Bank of India




                                         Allotment slip (forwarded to company)

Ref : D 35/2012

Received from Shri Bhave Singh P.Chavan a sum (Two Hudred Fify) on behalf of Star Industries Ltd., as allotment money on one hundred equity shares numbered 2801 to 2900.

                                                                                                  FOR BANK OF INDIA 




NOTE: - 

This letter informs a share applicant about allotment of shares. Intimation about allotment money due from allottee is also given in this letter. Allotment Receipt with perforation is attached with this letter.

This letter contains the following information

i)        Reference number of share application and the number of shares applied for.

ii)       Number of shares allotted

iii)      Amount payable on allotment

iv)      The due date for the payment of allotment money

v)       Place of payment

vi)      Interest to be charged on allotment money received after the due date

vii)     Consequences of non payment of allotment money

viii)    The letter of allotment is duly dated, stamped. and signed by proper authority.

Letter of allotment has to be preserved by the allottee as the share certificate is issued by the company in exchange of this letter.


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