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Attempt the Following in 150-200 Words. Why Does Anne Call Herself 'A Bundle of Contradictions'? - English - Communicative

Attempt the following in 150-200 words.

Why does Anne call herself 'a bundle of contradictions'?

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Anne believed that her personality was split into two. One side contained her exuberant cheerfulness, her flippancy, the joy in her life and above all, her ability to appreciate the lighter side of things. This side would lead her to appreciate flirtations, a kiss, an embrace and even off-colour jokes. The other side of her was purer, deeper and finer, subsumed under the lighter side of her. She could be an amusing clown for an afternoon and a profound thinker but the former was always a diversion, a comic interlude, soon to be forgotten, which most people hardly knew. Her lighter and more superficial side always stole a march on the deeper side.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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