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Attempt the Following in 150-200 Words. Bring Out the Importance of the Diary in Anne'S Life. - English - Communicative

Attempt the following in 150-200 words.

Bring out the importance of the diary in Anne's life.

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Living in hiding, in the secret annex, was twice as hard for the children than the adults because they were always told to hold on to their opinions at a time when their ideals were being shattered by the mayhem of war. As a young girl growing up during the time of the most destructive war in history, seeing the worst side of human nature brought to the fore, it was next to impossible to believe that there could be such things as truth, justice or a god. This is the juncture at which Anne’s diary became so important in her life. Her writing had a transformative power that took everyday mundane activities and made it into amusing anecdotes, showing us how a claustrophobic space such as the secret annex could also be a fertile ground for creativity and imagination. Anne deftly navigated her inner and outer world, weaving them together through her contemplative stance on life, which was often undercut by her ironic interjections. Her diary not only captures her personal journey but also gives us a commentary on the social and cultural atmosphere and especially, the experience of the war from the perspective of lived reality.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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