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Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. Hall. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. Hall.

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Mrs. Hall is quite an important character in the beginning of the novel. She is the owner of the inn, Coach  and Horses. She is an astute business woman, dominating wife, and practical woman. She does her job  quite well. She does not mind Griffin’s strange and eccentric appearance and behavior for the business’s  sake. However, she is quite quick in observing the abnormality of Griffin’s behavior. She is quite meticulous  with the keeping of her inn. She provides satisfactory services to her customers. When Griffin spoils the  fender, walls, and the floor in the room, she points it to him. She is a woman of ethics and right behavior. She  does not like Griffin’s mysterious disappearance from the room one morning. She does not like the abnormal  behavior of the furniture in Griffin’s room. When she becomes suspicious of his connection with the burglary  at the Vicarage, she becomes quite strict with Griffin. She insists on him to clear all his pending bills. She  stops serving him his meals and other services; when Griffin gives some money to pacify her, she wants to  know from him where he got the money from. She also asks him to explain why the furniture in his room  behaved abnormally. This infuriates Griffin, and he reveals his invisibility to her by putting his nose on her  hand. She gets scared and runs away screaming. 

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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