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Attempt a Character Sketch of Margot Frank as Shown in ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’. - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

Attempt a character sketch of Margot Frank as shown in ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’. 

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Anne’s older sister Margot Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 1927. It was the  call-up notice for the sixteen year old Margot which set into motion the Frank family’s plan of  hiding in the secret annex. A sensible, dutiful and obedient young girl, Margot was always absorbed  in her studies. She was delicate, spoke little and was content with being on the sidelines, making her quite similar to her mother in terms of disposition. Anne tells us that her sister was considered  to be smart, kind, pretty and a darling of her parents. Margot had an unobtrusive presence, she did  not question her circumstances as much as Anne did and this exasperated her younger sister. There  are references to Margot’s failing health and increasing withdrawal and reclusiveness which  indicates that the strain of her life in the annex was taking a toll on her. Like her mother, Margot  was also trying to cope with the constant dread of being discovered and having to behave normally  during such difficult times. However, Anne could not help but admire the resilience and grace under  pressure that Margot exhibited. Anne does not offer much of an insight into her sister’s character  but it is evident Margot was an accomplished girl with impeccable manners and incredible strength  of character.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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