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Attempt a Character Sketch of Anne Frank. - English - Communicative

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Attempt a character sketch of Anne Frank.

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Solution 1

Anne Frank was the young author of 'The Diary of a Young Girl'. Through the novel, we can witness the growth of a perceptive child who blossoms into a mature young woman. Anne is sensitive to the world around her and possesses a kind of wisdom that is rare for a child of her age. Initially, we see Anne as a rebellious teenager who is thrown into the maelstrom of the political chaos of her country. While reading the diary, one becomes aware of Anne's longing for an emotional connection which she fails to establish with her parents. She turns to the diary in order to seek solace; it becomes her only confidant. Soon through the hardships of her existence, she emerges wiser and more mature than ever before. The diary serves as a bildungsroman which chronicles the journey of an innocent child into adulthood.

Solution 2

Anne Frank is the young writer of The Diary of a Young Girl. She emerges as a playful yet introspective teen forced to live under extraordinary and trying conditions. Over the course of The Diary, Anne seems to grow from an impudent and stubborn girl into an emotionally independent young woman.
Despite having a loving family and several friends, Anne is unable to share her thoughts with any of them. Instead, she turns to her diary for this purpose. She has a troubled relationship with her mother who she believes falls short of her ideal mother. She is close to her father. But, in her mind, even he fails to provide her the emotional comfort she seeks. She has a rebellious spirit, desires to be treated as an adult and hopes to make a name for herself in the world.
Accounts of Jewish suffering anguish Anne to the point of remorse at her own good fortune. Nevertheless, she holds on to her ideals of honesty, hard work and self-improvement, and her trust that humans are essentially good.
Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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