Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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At What Places Do You Find the Correlation Between Transportation Routes and Development of Tourism? - Geography and Economics

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Answer in Brief

At what places do you find the  correlation between transportation routes and development of tourism?

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According to the map of Maharashtra state, the high correlation between transportation and tourism can be seen in the north-western part of Maharashtra that is in Mumbai and cities near to it. Development tourism in these areas will promote more tourism because there are highly developed transportation systems such as airport, railway station, etc. The relationship between transport and tourism development is an essential area of tourism studies. For improvement of any destination, adequate and efficient transportation infrastructure and access to generate markets are one of the most essential aspects.

Moreover, the connection of railways from the cities to the southern spots are also are very high compared to southeastern parts. Therefore when there is a lack of connectivity to that places even though the places are very high in its heritage and destination, the tourists will not prefer to move on to that places. For a brief example when a person in intends to visit Maharashtra and he landed to Mumbai airport then for him it will be much easier to visit Ellora caves, Vajreshwarihotsprings, and many other places, but will have only limited access to the Kundhar caves which is near to Madhya Pradesh. Even the person can travel to Arjuni Margoan through the railway which is far away, but it makes him difficult to travel to the Ajanta Caves which is much nearer than Arjuni Margoan.

Therefore transportation plays a very important role in tourism development. One of the main important issues for the development of tourism is transportation. It is evident that even though the Northeastern parts of India are very rich in tourism spots, but the visitors are very less due to the lack of transportation and communication facilities. Since Maharashtra is in one of the urbanized states, it has access to the major tourist spots in the state. Only a few places make the traveling difficulty for the visitors.

Concept: Types of Tourism
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